777 landing gear

From:         Joe Diederichs <joed@lsid.hp.com>
Date:         27 Jun 95 01:43:09 
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Recently somewhere (maybe in this group) I read what I will for now
consider a rumor about a key part of the 777 landing gear being
under-designed by exactly a factor of 1/2.  Supposedly this results in
the replacement of this item being an annual maintainance task.  The
point was that, while the CAD systems allow fast design and accurate
details, fast design cycles allow less time for cross-checking the big
picture.  Being an electronics designer myself, one of my biggest
concerns when doing a design is not missing some crucial overall aspect
while getting all the little details right.

Can anyone substantiate this?  If so, what part or parts are involved?


Joe Diederichs