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Airshow Canada
North America's International
Aviation & Aerospace
August 9-13, 1995
Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada

Airshow Canada
Post Office Box 6
Abbotsford, B.C. Canada V2S 4N9
(604) 852-4600 Vancouver (604) 857-1630
Fax: (604) 852-3704
Telex: 04-507685 Airshowcan Abb


Attracted by the success of Airshow Canada, a number of international
organizations have arranged seminars and conferences to take place
during the 1995 trade show. A large group of representatives from
airlines, airports, business aircraft operators, regulatory agencies and
the military will be in attendance. The itineraries for all these events
include visits to Airshow Canada, thereby providing both and conference
participants with excellent international networking opportunities. The
conferences and symposia for 1995 include:

CBAA Annual Convention: August 7 - 10. Activities include AGM, technical
sessions and social events. The tradeshow & static display will be at
Airshow Canada in Abbotsford. Contact: CBM Convention '95 at (604)
273-1247 or fax: (604) 279-0315.

China Business Opportunities: August 8. A conference for Airshow Canada
exhibitors providing an overview of the Chinese aerospace industry
followed by business meetings at the tradeshow. Contact: Harvey Rebalkin
at (604) 666-1445 or fax: (604) 666-8330.

Procurement Outlook Conference: August 11. An explanation of the
Canadian Government's procurement program with an outlook on current
trends and future major programs. Contact: Terril Scott at (819)
956-0056 or fax: (819) 956-5750.

CNS/ATM Conference: August 10 & 11. Organized by SITA, this conference
will examine the global impact of new Computerized Navigation
Systems/Air Traffic Management (CNS/ATM) technology. Contact: Munro
Smith at (514) 982-3609 or fax: (514) 985-3674.

Aircraft Economics: August 8 & 9. The British journal, Aircraft
Economics, and Canadian Airlines will stage this international
conference dealing with the key issues in airline finance and
operations. Contact: Beatrice Baatz at 44 171 779 8791, or fax: 44 171
779 8603.

Risk Management Seminar: August 10. Transport Canada and the Flight
Safety Foundation are hosting this seminar which details the benefits of
a proper Aviation Safety Management Program. Contact: Walter Peters,
Transport Canada, at (613) 990-1288, fax: (613) 990-1301; or Ed Peery,
Flight Safety Foundation, at (703) 522-8300, fax: (703) 525-6047.

Airport Environmental Management Seminar: August 8 - 10. Open to all
Airports Council International members, this seminar is designed for
senior airport staff with responsibility for environmental management.
Contact: Lynn Gordon at (604) 276-6773 or fax: (604) 276-6505.

Intermodal Transportation Planning Conference: August 10. Explores the
future of the intermodal concept, which envisages seamless transfers
between air, sea and land modes of transport. Contact: Norman Mowbray at
(202) 637-3893, or fax: (703) 416-1542.

Senior Airline Management and Senior Airport Management courses: July 24
August 11. Senior executives from 47 countries will be attending these
courses offered by the International Aviation Management Training
Institute. Contact: Raynald Imbeault at (514) 843-6116, or fax: (514)

SICOFAA Conference: a military air Search & Rescue/Disaster Relief
conference. Hosted by the Canadian Armed Forces, it will be attended by
representatives from all 24 North, Central and South American air
forces. Tradeshow visit scheduled for August 10.

ComDet '95 Asia Pacific: August 8 - 10. A North America/Asia Pacific
defence cooperation conference. Previously held in the Washington, DC,
area, Comdef '95 moves to Vancouver with an Asia-Pacific focus. Contact:
David Whiteree, at (703) 760-0762, or fax: (703) 760-0764.

Composite Repair of Aircraft Structures: August 10 - 11. An advanced
seminar on August 8, linked to the 10th International Conference on
Composite Materials in Whistler, B.C., August 14 - 18. Contact: Don
Raizenne at (613) 993-2794 or fax (613) 952-7136 for information on
ICCM-10, call The Secretary, ICCM-10, at (604) 822-3619 or fax (604)

Aviation Fuel Handling Seminar: August 9. This seminar, hosted by Velcon
Filters, will address fuel handling issues from several perspectives,
including Fuel Managers' concerns, control of fuel flow & pressure, and
quality control. Contact Larry Fleming at (206) 285-6737, or fax: (206)

To register for these events, please contact the organizer directly.

For free trade day pre-registration at the Airshow Canada, complete and
return the attached form by July 7.

To receive information on exhibiting, or for answers to other questions
you may have, please contact Airshow Canada: PO Box 6, Abbotsford BC,
V2S 4N9. Telephone (604) 852-4600, or fax (604) 852-3704.