Re: Steep turns on takeoff and landing

From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:40 
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In article <airliners.1995.812@ohare.Chicago.COM> Christopher Stone <cbstone@flagstaff.Princeton.EDU> writes:
>Usually I love flying, but I must admit that steep turns near the ground
>-- right after takeoff, or before landing -- always make me a tad
>nervous.  Is this merely an irrational fear on my part?  What are the
>limits upon how steeply an aircraft such as a B-727 can turn?  Is it any
>more dangerous to turn near the ground than high up?  Do pilots ever get
>dioriented as a result of this sort of turning?

Heavy maneuvering is probably safer at low altitude than high altitude,
because you don't have to deal with the high-speed nasties, such as a high-
speed stall, Mach buffet, etc.

In level flight, steep turns will drive the stall speed up.

It's a bad idea to maneuver steeply, chiefly for the reason you describe:
it disturbs the passengers.  A heavy hand isn't appreciated by anyone.

Robert Dorsett                         Moderator, sci.aeronautics.simulation