From: (Dick Mills)
Organization: Power Technologies Inc.
Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:38 
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Isn't the crux of the problem that the pilot who supervises the automated
system is sometimes uninformed or misinformed about the system is
doing and why?

It's not limited to the Airbus.  In the crash of the French commuter plane
last winter they cited an autopilot which would compensate for icing without
pilot's awareness until suddenly; oops!

The crash of Sweden's first JAS fighter some years ago was blamed on
automated software doing things in a certain regime that the pilot
didn't understand or react correctly to.

Men [and women of course] can operate very complicated machines
reliably, provided that they understand the machines current and expected
behavior totally at all times.  I believe that when failures are caused by
automation, it is violation of this principle to blame most often.

Does anybody agree?