From: (Merlin R. Preuss)
Organization: Transport Canada Aviation
Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:36 
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In article <airliners.1995.797@ohare.Chicago.COM>, says...
>Evrytime I ask any airline pilots if they like the A320 control design
>philosopy they say no (and for some good reasons I believe) but I still
>have not talked with any actual A320 pilots.  What do they think?

Airline pilots generally follow the philosophy of "love the one you are
with", but given that background, and again having the priviledged position
of not only flying these airplanes but acting as a check airman (FAA
terminology), air carrier inspector (Canadian terminology), I have found
that after a month or so on the line the vast majority of Canadian airline
pilots like the Airbus.  This may be in part because Canadian operators
must fly the aircraft according to the Airbus operating philosophy, without
exception and without modification, creating a situation where there is
no conflict created on the flight deck because a company is trying to
adapt, for example, a Boeing operating philosophy to the Airbus
implementation of the modern technology.

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