Re: Near miss Australia

From: (Simon Craig)
Organization: OzEmail Pty Ltd - Australia
Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:34 
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> My question is, I know that this B747 had a collision avoidance radar and
> that the B737 did not. The first question is do all B747 have these
> radars or is it only the -400 ? The second question is, what is the range
> that the radar works at, that is how close does another plane have to get
> to a B747 before the warning is sounded and how long do the pilots have
> to react?
> And finally, why are more planes not fitted with this radar?
> Being a pilot myself, I know that closing to within 150 metres would
> scare me brainless.

I have had it explained to me that TCAS (Traffic Collision Avoidance
System) is only required at this stage, for aircraft using American
airspace.  It is not necessarily just fitted to 747-400s.  At Qantas, all
of our international fleet are fitted with this TCAS system
(747-200,300,400,SP and our 767-200s & 300s.  I am not sure but I think
the TCAS system only works with other aircraft fitted with TCAS, but as
yet I haven't asked our domestic brothers whether any of our 737s have
TCAS.  I guess I shall have to be more thorough.