Re: ATC during Engine Failure?

From: (Chris)
Organization: NB*Net
Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:33 
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Robert Wilson <> wrote:

>I am currently working on scenario's for a commercial jet transport
>simulator we are building here at Oregon State.  I was wondering, if
>during take-off an engine failure occured (assume a two engine plane)
>would the ATC	1. Vector you for a landing?

If a vector was required, yes.  Whether or not a vector would be needed
would depend on the weather at the time, traffic density in the area, as
well as the pilot's familiarity with the airport.

>		2. Give you some sort of turning radial?

Radials are straight lines.  You probably meant something different?

>		3. Give you clearence to land, clear all traffic in the
>		   area, and give you full freedom in your approach?

To a large extent, that would be up to the pilot.  If the engine failure
is considered to be an emergency situation, the pilot can declare an
emergency and pretty much get freedom to do what he wants.  I was under
the impression that for most jet aircraft an engine failure on departure
is more of an "occurence" than an emergency.  If the pilot is able to fly
a reasonably normal circuit/approach, ATC would probably just "make a
hole" in the arrival pattern for him by pulling a couple of aircraft,
rather than scattering everyone to the four winds....  It would also
depend on any other extenuating circumstances.

Chris Rasley
ATC (CZQM ACC), Private Pilot, Computer Geek.
Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada.

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