Re: ATC during Engine Failure?

From: (A. C.)
Organization: MindSpring Enterprises, Inc.
Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:32 
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In article <airliners.1995.811@ohare.Chicago.COM> Robert Wilson <> writes:

>I am currently working on scenario's for a commercial jet transport
>simulator we are building here at Oregon State.  I was wondering, if
>during take-off an engine failure occured (assume a two engine plane)
>would the ATC   1. Vector you for a landing?
>                2. Give you some sort of turning radial?
>                3. Give you clearence to land, clear all traffic in the
>                   area, and give you full freedom in your approach?

Assuming that the pilot had declared an emergency, they would most likely ask
the pilot what he would like to do.  That has been my experience.  If the
pilot does not declare an emergency the ATC will do what they want.  Due to
the lack of what is actually going on.

Most of the time the pilot will take a slow turn or a regular turn, depending
on aircraft type.   And come right back and land.  And the rest is up to the
controller to clear the traffic and give #1 service.