Re: ATC during Engine Failure?

From: (David T. Medin)
Organization: Rockwell Avionics - Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA
Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:32 
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In article <airliners.1995.811@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Robert Wilson <> writes:
> I am currently working on scenario's for a commercial jet transport
> simulator we are building here at Oregon State.  I was wondering, if
> during take-off an engine failure occured (assume a two engine plane)
> would the ATC	1. Vector you for a landing?
> 		2. Give you some sort of turning radial?
> 		3. Give you clearence to land, clear all traffic in the
> 		   area, and give you full freedom in your approach?
> Any input would be helpful.  Thanks.

Depends on whether the pilot declares an emergency or not (which in
turn depends on company policy and a few other things). It also
depends on the conditions (visual, instrument, departure flight plan).

Before passing the single-engine takeoff speed, the takeoff would be

Usually, on declaring an engine out and after the crew goes through
the engine out procedure, they advises the tower (or departure) that
they have an engine out and would like to return to the field. The
tower usually asks whether the captain wants "equipment" (fire, etc.)
even if he does not declare an emergency. The tower or departure will
usually give the aircraft priority handling for landing. If an
emergency is declared by the captain, the aircraft will positively get
priority over other arriving aircraft.

Give the tower at Portland a call and submit the questions to some
real controllers. You will get some more interesting answers. The ones
I gave you are from pilot training only.

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