Re: ATC during Engine Failure?

From: (Dennis L. Murphy)
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Date:         22 Jun 95 03:07:32 
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In article <airliners.1995.811@ohare.Chicago.COM> Robert Wilson <> writes:

>I am currently working on scenario's for a commercial jet transport
>simulator we are building here at Oregon State.  I was wondering, if
>during take-off an engine failure occured (assume a two engine plane)
>would the ATC   1. Vector you for a landing?
>                2. Give you some sort of turning radial?
>                3. Give you clearence to land, clear all traffic in the
>                   area, and give you full freedom in your approach?

Normally, if the pilot declares an emergency, ATC would allow him to do
whatever was necessary for him to safely land his aircraft.  The pilot could
take whatever he needed to do without consulting ATC first.  The safety of his
aircraft is his first, and only priority.  Upon the declaration of an
emergency, ATC would take those actions necessary to keep other aircraft away
from the aircraft in distress (i.e., hold all take-off's, place landing
aircraft in holding patterns away from the field) and take all actions
necessary to ensure that the aircraft which declared the emergency had only to
think about "their" emergency, not other area traffic.