Re: airline seats

Organization: ServiceTech, Inc.
Date:         21 Jun 95 02:57:02 
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> (ZACHARY R. TOMCICH) writes:
>  I'm a designer for a entertainment complex and i just love airline seats.
>  Does anyone know where i can buy them?  Used seats would be nice (cost
>  being the major consideration) Just coach seats would be fine.  I'm
>  looking for about 24 of them for now.  If anyone can provide me with some
>  leads i'd really appriciate it.  Thanks.

Have you tried contacting the various airlines? Call whatever number you
find in the phone book and ask for the number of their maintenance
headquarters. As new seats are occasionally installed, the old ones may
possibly become available.  If you are looking for new ones, e_mail us
and we'll try to steer you toward several manufacturers. There are a number
of them here in the US.

Your affection for airline seats suggests that you have never spent much
time in one.

David Fisher
Chief Engineer
Fisher Research Corporation