Re: Surge on GE90

From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
Date:         21 Jun 95 02:57:01 
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  or MIME structure (TriStar500) wrote:

>>Also, are there any books available to the general public
>>regaarding how the modern turbo-fan engines work.  I've been
>>to the Nat'l Air and Space Museum in DC but there just wasn't
>>enough information available other than the generic diagrams
>>indicating what takes place in the various engine stages (fan,
>>compressors, combustion chamber, etc).

Don't have the orginal message asking this, so in reply to whomever:

"The Jet Engine," Rolls-Royce plc, fourth edition is dated 1986 with
ISBN 0 902121 04 9. No idea if in print, etc., but it's full of info
on jet engines.