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From:         plisner@mti.mti.sgi.com (Peter Lisner)
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Date:         29 Jan 95 19:14:48 
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I was just reading the article in the latest issue
of "Airliners" magazine, about storage of aircraft
at a facility in the Mojave desert.

In the article, they described how many airlines
withdraw some of their older aircraft from service,
and store them at these kinds of facilities. I can
understand why this is done for older aircraft,
but what didn't make sense was the fact that some
current generation airliners were also stored in
this way. The most striking example was a British
Airways B767. Given that this aircraft is still in
production, I don't understand why it was stored
like this. One would think that it could be sold
or leased instead of letting it sit idle.

I'm sure there must be some good reason for this,
but seeing my favourite airliner in mothballs was
kind of sad.

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