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From: (Sethu R Rathinam)
Organization: INS Information Services, Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Date:         21 Jun 95 02:56:57 
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:Can anyone describe the suite of instruments carried by the Boeing 777, or
:point to an article somewhere that names and describes them? I'm
:particularly interested in any "Flight Director" or autopilot instruments
:that have technical advances.

AIRLINE AVIONICS magazine had a series of articles (around March of this
year) on the Boeing 777 Avionics.

The Autopilot Flight Director System (AFDS) on the 777 includes the
backdrive logic that moves the column and wheel when the autopilot is
engaged.  The backdrive also provides full time bank angle protection on
command from the primary flight (FBW) computers.  The Autopilot Flight
Director Computers are now data loadable on the airplane (on ground) -
which mean you can update the software withthe boxes in place.  The Mode
Control Panel has LCD displays (unlike the mechanical ones on the
757/767/747-400).  The AFDCs and MCP have more self monitoring than there
used to be the case in the earlier generation.

The backdrive computers are part of the AFDC boxes.  The AFDCs, like many
other (newer) computer systems on the airplane, support the ARINC 629
interfaces because of the airplane's avionics bus architecture (in
addition to ARINC 429 busses).

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