Re: Boeing 777-300 Program Launched at Paris

From:         Jon Ward <>
Organization: The End at Infinity
Date:         21 Jun 95 02:56:56 
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Douglas Reeves :
> Four Asian airlines have ordered 30 777-300X aircraft, valued at $4billion.
> ANA, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines and Thai International are the customers,
> It's interesting to note that Cathay is one of the customers, as they (I
> believe) are an A330 operator.  Maybe they're not happy with them?

Which engine do they want for these B777's? I know they have RR Trent's on
their A330(s?).

While speaking of Boeing 777's, I heard yesterday that during a demo flight
with various dignatries, a B777 lost cabin pressure. Anybody confirm/deny?

Jon Ward
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