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Date:         21 Jun 95 02:56:49 
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> >I can understand that Airbus with the brand new A320 was a pioneer,
> >and as a pioneer Airbus had made some mistakes, and so is criticized.
> I don't really mind mistakes (assuming, for the moment, that they
> could not readily have been forseen as such) as much as what appears
> to be a refusal to acknowledge mistakes, or at least some poor

This group _really_ needs some Airbus contributors !


Their systems are as hard to defend as OJ!

(Sorry, I could not resist)

In my view, the pilot is an important part of teh safety system of an
aircraft.  The Airbus design, especially that of the A32X series, denies
the pilot much of the input that he needs to properly do his job.  And
let's face it, airline pilots are paid, in large part, for being ready to
act in an emergency.

Therefore, dening the pilot proper information, or in the case of the
crash in which the pilot set the wrong mode on the computer, descended at
several times the rate he should have, and simply flew into the side of
a mountain.

I think, based upon an evaluation that I recently did for a class on Human
Factors that I recently took, that the Airbus problem is a philosophical
one.  Airbus engineers think that they are better then pilots (at least
subconsciously (sp)), and therefore must protect pilots and passengers
from themselves.

Boeing, especially on the 777, views pilots as part of a team, and went
out of their way to incorporate their input into the design.

Colin Povey