Re: Airbus 300 still in production?

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Date:         21 Jun 95 02:56:47 
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>Is the A300 still in production?

Yes, though only the much-updated A300-600 models.  Airbus has made
some mention of building a shortened A330 as a replacement for the
A300, however.  I've only seen some passing references to this so I
suspect it's not imminent.

>Surely it's an old design now -- it certainly looks long in the tooth
>when compared to the likes of the A330...

The 747 is several years older than the A300 yet the basic airframe
is still going strong.  The DC-10 is also older and is still going as
the MD-11, though strong may not quite describe its outlook.  For that
matter, much of the A330/A340 fuselage is carried over from the A300 --
Airbus has managed to keep a lot more family commonality in this regard
than Boeing or Douglas.

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