Re: Boeing 777-300 Program Launched at Paris

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: International Internet Association.
Date:         15 Jun 95 19:27:55 
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B. Douglas Reeves <> wrote:
>Four Asian airlines have ordered 30 777-300X aircraft, valued at $4billion.
>ANA, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines and Thai International are the customers,
>but no breakdown of oreders were presented.

I believe all the so-called orders are letters of intent only.  ANA will
order 10 -300s; Cathay will convert 7 of the existing 11 to -300s; Korean
will convert 4 of the existing 8 to -300s and order an additional 4 -300s;
Thai will order 6 -300s.  That is, there are 20 new orders plus 11

>This does not include any of the 18 other orders announced at Paris or the
>Sudia deal.  About 1/3 of the orders are changes from the -200 to the -300.

Other than the aforementioned "orders", Taiwan's China Airlines and EVA Air
will both order four B777s each.  Hence, it should be 8 not 18.  I believe
both "orders" were once again letters of intent.  Next week, I'll post the
aircraft order update plus a list of all the B777 orders.  (The B777 is
catching up with the A330/340.  If Saudia's order is included, it's now 194
vs. 230.)

>It's interesting to note that Cathay is one of the customers, as they (I
>believe) are an A330 operator.  Maybe they're not happy with them?

The impression that I got from the press, Cathay seems to be pretty happy
with the A330; Malaysia and Thai seem to be less happy with the aircraft.
Cathay is not alone in having both the B777 and A330.  Thai and Korean
have A330s in service or on order.  Another A330 operator, Malaysia, is
rumored to be ordering B777 soon.  However, the B777-300 is much larger
than the A330, and the -300 will be used to replace older B747s.  I do
agree that operating both the A-market -200 and A330 is a little

  H Andrew Chuang