From: (Merlin R. Preuss)
Organization: Transport Canada Aviation
Date:         15 Jun 95 14:25:28 
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> (Merlin R. Preuss) writes:
>>differently by each company.  The pilot perspective was given more
>>credance by Boeing designers than by Airbus designers which resulted
>>in a different operating philosophy being required.  An Airbus (new
>>technology aircraft like A300-600, A310, A320 family) pilot is more

>It is meaningless to compare the A300-600/A310 with the A320/30/40.  They
>are completely different designs, and embody different management
>philosophies.  Until very recently, the A300-600/A310 also shared a remark-
>ably good safety record.

The Airbus operating philosophy which I believe to be dramatically
different from Boeing's et al was first in place in the A310/A300-600 and
continued on in the A320 and later series of aircraft.  I was current on
the A310 for four years and for the last three years have kept current on
the A320 and as a regulator I see a cross-section of operators using both
Airbus and other products.  While we have a totally different flight
control and cockpit design between the A310/A300-600 and the A320 series
of aircraft the operating philosophies are the same because the FMS, ECAM,
and FCU integration is the same. It is the understanding of this
integration that is critical to operating error avoidance.  So what I am
saying is that they do not embody different flight management or flight
operating philosophies at all.

>From experience, I can say that going back to the A310, which I did
recently when participating in a qualification of a new A310 simulator,
took me only a few minutes to pick up on the differences in systems and
presentation and then to get on with the flying because the operating
methods of the A320 and A310 are so similar.

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