Re: B737 Hush Kits

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Date:         15 Jun 95 01:14:02 
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In <airliners.1995.706@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (EGGERS RUSSELL) writes:
>Earlier this year Air New Zealand grounnded 10 of their 13 B737-200 aircraft
>that had Nordam Hush kits fitted.
>Does anyone know the outcome of the investigation
The aircraft were grounded because of a very high rate of failure of turbine
blades. Investigation revealed that the blades that were failing were all
reconditioned blades and that discs with new blades on were not suffering the
high failure rates. I am not sure, but I think that it was concluded that the
hush kits were not to blame and the failures were due to the reconditioned
blades not being built to the correct size, causing unusual stresses on the
turbine discs.
David Allard.