Re: Surge on GE90

From: (Wayne Dockery)
Organization: The Pipeline
Date:         15 Jun 95 01:14:01 
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I have a question... When an engine such as the GE90
is starting, what controls which direction the combusted
material is expelled from the combustion chamber?  I guess
the fan is electrically spun-up with "starter", but when
ignition first takes place as in any "explosion", how do
you control which direction the expanded gases are expelled
from the engine?  Is there some sort of mecahanism which
governs the fan & compressor from turning in one direction

Also, are there any books available to the general public
regaarding how the modern turbo-fan engines work.  I've been
to the Nat'l Air and Space Museum in DC but there just wasn't
enough information available other than the generic diagrams
indicating what takes place in the various engine stages (fan,
compressors, combustion chamber, etc).