Help on Emission Research!!!

From: (c/o ZIT, TH Darmstadt)
Date:         15 Jun 95 01:13:58 
Organization: Hochschulrechenzentrum / THD
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I am in the Process of inventorying emissions for the Frankfurt Airport based
on American standards.  This inventory will be accomplished through the use of
the EPA Inventory Model. Our goal is to get a figure of Emissions of HC, CO,
SO2, and NOx per sqaure kilometer in the Frankfurt area.  This will be done
through the investigation of the mixing height at the airport.  I am posting
this article for the purpose of collecting information on the social impact of
these emissions.  That is I would like to conduct a survey to see how much
people think that aircraft emissions are a problem.  If you could just answer
a few questions I would greatly appreciate it.

1.How significant do you feel aircraft emissions are to the bigger picture of
the enviroment?

2.What kind of sacrfifices are you willing to make in an effort to reduce
aircraft emission? (i.e. higher prices, fewer flights, less convenience)

3.Whom do you think it should be to form regulations on these emissions,
federal, state, or international organizations?

Thank you very much for all your time,

Myles Walton