Boeing 777-300 Program Launched at Paris

From: (B. Douglas Reeves)
Date:         15 Jun 95 01:13:57 
Organization: Tanasborne Graduate Institute
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I don't have the official Boeing press release, but here's the news
according to the Bloomberg Business News ....

Four Asian airlines have ordered 30 777-300X aircraft, valued at $4billion.
ANA, Cathay Pacific, Korean Airlines and Thai International are the customers,
but no breakdown of oreders were presented.  The 777-300X is to have ~370
pax in three classes, up from ~300 in the 777-200 due to a 33' stretch.

This does not include any of the 18 other orders announced at Paris or the
Sudia deal.  About 1/3 of the orders are changes from the -200 to the -300.

It's interesting to note that Cathay is one of the customers, as they (I
believe) are an A330 operator.  Maybe they're not happy with them?

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