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From: (TLong2)
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Date:         06 Jun 95 10:11:03 
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Many interesting discussions here and in another thread about Airbus'

There are a lot of theoretical arguments, but theoretics are irrelevant -
man is not a fully rational animal. Therefore, you can't blame training
for the problems when the designer has not provided tactile feedback for
the controls, throttles, etc. You have to be realistic. The Airbus design
removes an important backup for failed communications between the pilots.
That, and the philosophy of the design, have caused quite a few airliners
to go down, with fully operable aircraft.

Training won't solve all of these problems for the reasons I cite.

Too bad - the actual aircraft are quite competent. My prediction is that
over the next ten years or so, we will see Airbus modify their philosophy
(and software) when they realize that some of their decisions were not
Tim Long