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Robert Dorsett <> writes:
>And after being thorougly trained (Airbus training has been called
>"indoctrination" by some pilots)

I've heard at least one United pilot refer to the A320 as a "career
killer" because of what it does to one's basic flying instincts.

>the 757, with no fatal crashes; the 767 with one; the A310-300, with
>three (Karl?)

Yes, three for the A310 (all -300, no -200 crashes):

  920729 HS-TID  Thai       438  A310-304     TG311 113c Kathmandu
  940323 F-OGQS  Aeroflot   596  A310-308     SU593  75c Novokusnetzk
  950331 YR-LCC  TAROM      450  A310-324(ET) RO371  60c Bucarest

However, in Airbus' defense, I think this is a good reminder of how
one must look at the underlying data -- at Kathmandu (both this one
and the A300 that went down there two months later) I thik the
aircraft performed fine and there was no sort of pilot confusion with
regard to what the aircraft was doing, Novokusnetzk was simply gross
negligence by the pilots, and Bucarest seems like the pilots were just
out to lunch.

Far more troubling to me were the following incidents, none of which
resulted in fatalaties or loss of the aircraft:

  910211         Interflug       A310-304     ?        i Moscow
  940120 F-GNIA  Air France 010? A340-211(?)  -        f Paris
  940924 YR-LCA  TAROM      636  A310-325(ET) RO       i Paris (0/186)
  950301 YR-LCA  TAROM      636  A310-325(ET) RO       i Riviere-du-Loup, Quebec (ORD-AMS)

(Disclaimer: I feel compelled to note that I still have no problem
flying on an A310, or A300 for that matter, whereas I'll continue to
avoid the later Airbus products.)

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