Re: Start-up procedures

From:         Mark Radovich <>
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Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:09 
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Jeffrey  Casterline <> wrote:
>	This might rank as one of the dumber questions asked, but do
>modern airliners have any access-control devices to prevent just anyone
>from firing up the engines and then flying away?  I would not expect there
>to be a key, per se, but do the onboard computers use a password, or
>something similar, to prevent this from happening?

There is only one minor irritation to the prospective airliner
thief, and that is one or more nasty looking blokes with guns.

The Larson cartoon of a first officer being hosted up to the front
windows of a large aircraft by the captain only to find the keys
still in the ignition is a figment of Larsons' humourous imagination.