Re: Start-up procedures

From: (Kevin M. Wilder)
Organization: University of British Columbia, Canada
Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:08 
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While I can't answer the question that started this thread, I am aware of
a related story that surfaced within the past two weeks where two young
adults attempted to start an airliner parked at (I believe) Mirabel
International Airport in Montreal.  The two caused several thousand
dollars damage to the aircraft, but were unsuccessful in starting the
engines.  An airline spokesman said that it would be very difficult, or
impossible for anyone to succeed at starting the engines.  Maybe someone
has more information on this than I do.  I didn't cut out the article, so
I am a little fuzzy on some of the details.



"The scientist explores what is; the
 engineer creates what never has been."

 - Theodore Von Karman