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Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:06 
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 >This might rank as one of the dumber questions asked, but do
>modern airliners have any access-control devices to prevent just anyone
>from firing up the engines and then flying away?  I would not expect
>to be a key, per se, but do the onboard computers use a password, or
>something similar, to prevent this from happening?

No keys required. You just have to know what you're doing.

>Do aircraft manufactured by different companies use different methods?

The engine start is similar regardless of manufacturer the only
differences really being the maximum starting EGT. Of course, if you're
stealing an airliner you probably don't really care about a start that's a
little hot anyway.

> Does access vary by airline, i.e. to prevent, say, a United pilot from
flying away
>with an American Airlines plane?

You just have to get on the ramp and find an airplane parked so you could
drive it away. Regardless of what airport security types would tell you,
this really wouldn't be that difficult.