Re: Start-up procedures

From:         "M.A. van der Eijk" <M.vanderEijk@LR.TUDelft.NL>
Organization: Delft University of Technology
Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:06 
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Jeffrey  Casterline <> wrote:
>	This might rank as one of the dumber questions asked, but do
>modern airliners have any access-control devices to prevent just anyone
>from firing up the engines and then flying away?  I would not expect there
>to be a key, per se, but do the onboard computers use a password, or
>something similar, to prevent this from happening?  Do aircraft
>manufactured by different companies use different methods?  Does access
>vary by airline, i.e. to prevent, say, a United pilot from flying away
>with an American Airlines plane?

Just as simple an answer:

If you have ever seen a cockpit from the inside, you would know that there
are buttons, handles, lights, displays, etc. To start the engines you will
have to know which systems to power up and shut down. For example if the
airplane is powered (during turnaround) by a ground power unit, you will
first have to start the APU or connect a jet starter to the airplane.
Having done this, you will need to start up the right systems to build up
pressure in the engine. Then you can start thinking about how to start the

Next to this there are almost allways mechanics on board an airplane
during turnaround. They are often responsible for the aircraft during the
turnaround and they will know when someone is trying to start the engines.

Finally, have you ever tried to enter an airplane unseen while it is on
the ground? Pretty difficult, isn't it?

Hope this answers your question

Greetings, Michiel