Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From:         BEN <>
Organization: SAIC
Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:02 
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>The 747-SP31's AA leased from TW had the worst dispatch reliability of any
>aircraft I ever worked around. When AA had their two -SPs on the JFK-LHR
>and JFK-BRU routes, the passenger service staff would make bets to see
>which one went out of service first... N601AA and N602AA will not be
>missed! (but their registration numbers have since been reasigned to
>some of the newer 757-223s)

As a former International Gate Agent for United Airlines, I feel the need
top add here my agreement about the 747-sp.  For our European Service
IAD-FRA, we used to use the SP until the many breakdowns forced the
company to change use to IAD-SFO/ IAD-LAX or other trans-con flights.  I
can still remember the groans myself and other agents would make when we
would see one of the Company's two SP's scheduled on our International
Flights for the we knew it would be a very long night.    In
fact, I had to spend several "all-nighters" with stranded passengers at
Dulles Aiport last summer (During the World Cup Soccer Tourny with no
hotels to be found anywhere) when the SP failed us.

Anyway, I believe United has since discontinued there use.  Rumor has t
that these SP's were part of the acquisition of Equipment from PAN AM,
and though United completely overhauled the aircraft, it was still
plagued with numerous problems. As PAN AM flew their equipment (pardon
the expression here) into the ground.

I am disapointed I won't be able to see and view the 777 and the results
of a lot of planning by my fellow employee-owners, as my United days are
over.  I do enjoy reading this newsgroup and more info about 777 is
greatly appreciated.  Keep it coming.