Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From: (Marshal Perlman)
Organization: American Motor Works Company
Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:01 
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Eric Olesen ( wrote:

: Well, I can only hope that the long range 777 is nothing close to the


The first 777 to be delivered will fly 375 passengers 4,630 nautical miles
in two-class comfort. Eighteen months later, a second version of the 777
will debut. This member of the 777 family will carry 305 passengers, 7,230
nautical miles in the three-class configuration preferred for long,
intercontinental routes. Other members of the family are envisioned that
will carry up to 550 passengers or fly farther than today's 747-400.

Different airplanes, but designed from the beginning as a family. And
because the family shares common features, the pilots, flight attendants,
and maintenance personnel trained on one 777 will, in effect, be trained on
all 777s. That means savings in training and other expenses for the
airlines. And all models will draw from the same body of spares, reducing
airline investment and operating costs as fleets grow and markets change.
The Boeing 777 family will redefine efficiency, flexibility and comfort well
into the next century.

Model 777-200 A-market Technical Features_

 Span:............199 ft. 11 in.
 Length:..........209 ft. 1 in.
 MTOW:............506,000 to 535,000 lb.
 Accommodation:...375 passengers
 Range:...........3,780-4,630 nmi.

 (MTOW - Maximum takeoff weight)

Family characteristics

 Cruise speed..........Mach 0.84
 Engine choices........Pratt & Whitney
                       General Electric

 Flight deck.............Digital fly-by-wire controls and common crew rating
 Interior flexibility:....Six-, seven-, eight-, nine- and ten-abreast seating

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