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>From what I understand, any stretch of the 747 will require a totally
>new wing structure.

There's a modified wing for the 747-400F (possibly future deliveries
only, I'm not sure) that allows MGTOW up to 920,000 lbs, vs. 875,000
for the current passenger 747-400.  A stretched 747 would certainly
have this wing, and while it might not fully compensate for the higher
airframe and payload weights, the aircraft could still have a fairly
respectable range.  Even a shortfall approaching 2,000 miles would
still allow it to fly some of the really heavy routes like LAX or SFO
to NRT.

>Thus, I kind of doubt we'll see a stretch 747-500 anytime soon, as
>it's still 30 year old technology. If they're going to go to all the
>trouble to do a new 747 wing, they might as well just design a
>completely new 600 seater from scratch ...

The 737 is even older, but Boeing is putting a new wing on it.  In
many ways, the A330 is a stretched A300/A310, with a new wing and
new control technology (which Boeing has done on the 747-400 and MD
on the MD-11, albeit not quite as extensive a redesign).  Using an
existing fuselage design eliminates a signifcant amount of up-front
cost, in trade for somewhat lower efficiency than a newer design
might offer.

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