Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From: (Tim Takahashi)
Organization: University of Rochester, School of Engineering
Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:00 
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In article <airliners.1995.677@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
Jennings Heilig  <> wrote:
>I have an article dated sometime in 1968 entitled "747 - Why?" which
>laments the total senslessness of Boeing's building an airplane which
>could carry upwards of 450 people. Such an airplane will swamp airports,
>create nightmares for ATC, be a tragedy ready-made when they crash, etc,

I have the opposite concern. Out here in Metro San Francisco, 747s
and DC-10s are used nearly exclusively for overseas routes. Most of
the traffic is on MD80/737/A320 sized aircraft.

I have flown on one 747 in recent years, that flight ran SFO-ORD-IAD-Madrid.
I flew the first leg. Boarding was rather tedious.

For smaller, non-hub cities such as Rochester jet traffic may even
be on the wane. <50passenger prop-jets are replacing smaller
jets. The ROC-EWR run used to be serviced predominantly with 737
(People Express) and F-100 (New York Air); today it is ATR
(Continental Express) and Jetstream 31 (United Express),

USAir is flying 737s nonstop from SFO to PHL!

I guess I dont see how demand for 98-150 passenger aircraft is
likely to burgeon into a need for 700 seaters in the next few years.
Makes you wonder how popular the NLA or even HSCT will be.