Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From: (Eric Rood)
Organization: The Greater Columbus Freenet
Date:         01 Jun 95 05:01:00 
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Douglas Wakefield ( wrote:
: Is there really a demand for a 6 to 8 hundred passenger craft.  Isn't
: this a replay of the 70's when the three jumbos arrived on the scene just
: as the demand fell off?
: What would be the passenger capacity of the C5A was reconfigured?

  When the plans for the "super-jumbo" (700-800 pax) aircraft was in the
papers last year, I was sitting around the breakfast table with some
airline pilot friends.  The discussion points included enplaning/deplaning
considerations.  Given that the 747 (depending upon which country operates
it) can seat between 350 to 550 (Please correct me) and take more than an
hour, what kind of time will be required for these next generation
cattlecars?  If you are mobility impaired or traveling with small
children, how much patience will you have to sit for another four hours on
top of the eight hour trans/intercontinental flight?  Any other logistical
considerations anyone else can supply?  Regards, Eric.

Eric Rood
opinions are my own, subject to change by sound arguement