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>Is there any chance of a stretched B 757 being developed?

There was some talk of such a beast, though I haven't heard anything
about it in a while.  While very efficient, it would almost surely
be a rather hellish aircraft from a passenger's standpoint -- due to
its length and single aisle, the 757 is already a somewhat slow plane
to load and unload, and the main cabin suffers from a "long tin can"
feel, especially in a config like American or United uses which has
no mid-point lavatory and/or galley like Delta and Northwest have.

>A stretched B757-200 would be very similar to a DC8-61 or 63 and
>they did very well and are still in demand over 25 years later.

A 757-200 is already pretty close to a DC-8-61 in seat count (about
12 seats fewer), and has greater range.  Any non-trivial stretch would
be significantly bigger than any DC-8, though probably not with the
range of a DC-8-62 or -63.

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