(Q) 777 Electronics architecture / Glass cockpit

From:         hazcam@ix.netcom.com (Juan Rivera)
Organization: Netcom
Date:         29 Jan 95 19:14:47 
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I am currently involved in the systems design of a graphical user 
interface for a NASA research aircraft called SOFIA, (Stratospheric 
Observatory for Infrared Astronomy).  SOFIA will be a 747 flying 
laboratory with a 3-meter infrared telescope on board.  I am looking for 
information on the Boeing 777 electronics systems architecture and glass 
cockpit implementation, as well as similar information on the F-22.  I'd 
like to see if there is anything there that could be applied to my 
project.  Any leads would be most appreciated!

Juan Rivera - jrivera@cave.arc.nasa.gov
NASA / Kuiper Airborne Observatory