Re: Cabin pressure

From:         "V. Crone" <>
Organization: University of Washington
Date:         01 Jun 95 05:00:57 
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> If the cabin in a commercial passenger aircraft is
> pressurized, how is it possible to exhange fresh
> air from the outside since I would assume the aircraft
> is somewhat airtight?  Also, is the pressure managed

The ole Lockheed C-141 leaks like a seive, it's just a matter of being
able to push more air in than leaks out to keep up the pressure.  In fact
if we lose one of the pressurization systems we usually can't maintain
enough cabin pressure to fly above about 25,000 ft.

> by a air-compressor or is it simply "scooped" from the
> outside via some sort of duct-work into the cabin thereby
> generating the pressure?

Those four noisy things out on the wings have air compressors built in,
we just steal some of that and duct it into the cabin.