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Date:         01 Jun 95 05:00:56 
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In article <airliners.1995.676@ohare.Chicago.COM>, (David Kelly) writes:
>I've always had a non technical interest in airplanes,airlines and
>airports.. I just finished reading the book "Airport" by James Kaplan
>and enjoyed it very much... Can anyone in this newsgroup recommend any
>similar books. I figured I'd get a better respnse in this group than
>the general literature groups.. Thanks in advance     Dave

I can recommend two.  One is called "Frequent Flyer" by Bob Reiss, who
spent a couple of weeks (? or some such) flying around on a single Delta
plane, wherever it went, talking to passengers pilots and flight attendants.
He also hung around Delta headquarters to get the corporate big picture.
I enjoyed this book although I didn't think he really had the gleam in
his eye of the true airplane/airport junkie.

The second is called "Skygods" by Robert Gandt (sp?).  He is a former
PanAm pilot and the book is about the death of PanAm.  I haven't finished
this one yet but it is written with an engaging style and from an
important insiders persepctive.

Then there's also "Unfriendly Skies" by the notorious Captain X.  Reiss
actually meets and interviews him in "Frequent Flyer".

Ron Cluett
Pomona College