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Date:         01 Jun 95 05:00:52 
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Mr. Bosc writes
>Now, my opinion is that systems are safer than pilots.
>Some day planes will fly automatically and be much safer.
>In the meantime, maybe this or this type of failure will occur
>more often on this type than on that type. Who cares ?
>What would be significant is an overall comparison of losses
>between various aircraft types, not just the number of incidents
>in which the pilot got confused. Then we can discuss.

Wow, I guess I have to disagree with that.  While we can point to
many accidents as being "pilot induces", I think we might have a
hard time absolving the participation of the system in those failure
responses.  I guess that I would also like to state that I have
had the opportunity to work closely with some fine Airbus engineers
in safety related industry forums (specifically RTCA SC-167 and
Working Group 12 from EUROCAE) and feel that your opintion (that
systems are safer than pilots) is not held by them.  While there
is a basic difference in philosophy, I think that the Airbus
engineers understand the integrity requirements and limitations of
aircraft systems.


David Allen
Boeing Flight Management Systems