Re: Airbus side stick

From:         Ernie Alston <71302.3415@CompuServe.COM>
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Date:         01 Jun 95 05:00:50 
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>Question: what happens if they move it in opposite directions? Answer
>well then the average is zero isn't it! Question: So the plane does
>nothing? Answer: Yes but don't worry there is a little button you can
>push to override the other pilots input and take control...........I'd be
>willing to bet the last 10 seconds of any A320 flight data recorder shows
>them two little side stick buttons toggling like mad!>

>   How much do you want to bet?
>>What happens if each pilot tries to move the mechanical system in
>opposite directions? Does the guy who used to play tight end get to fly
>the airplane?


  I was a little puzzled by that statement as well. Why would both Pilots
  be trying to fly the plane at the same time ? Or moving the side sticks
  in different directions ?

 I would assume only one Pilot is involved in controlling of the aircraft at
 any time unless a situation requires input from both. But that would be
 coordinated by established procedure. The use of side stick controllers is
 irrelevent in that regard.