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Date:         29 Jan 95 19:14:46 
Organization: Legal Recourse(tm)
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I direct the Aviation Management degree program at Golden Gate
University in San Francisco.  The program is one of the few degree
programs at Golden Gate that is operating without the benefit of an
industry advisory board, and I feel that one should be organized this

By this message, I am asking for recommendations of people who would be
willing to offer their advice to the University at meetings held
approximately 3 times per year, and who represent varied elements of the
industry, e.g., airline operations, maintenance, airframe manufacturing,
military, ATC and government/regulatory bodies.

Golden Gate is studying ways to strengthen its Aviation Management
program and needs feedback from industry regarding the skills and
experiences that will be expected in graduates of its four year program
as they enter the job market in the latter part of the decade.

I would appreciate any recommendations (and volunteers) provided by
readers of this group.  Please e-mail replies to  I
can mail a brochure and cover letter upon request.

Thank you for your time and thoughts.

David M. Alden, Director
Aviation Management Degree
School of Technology and Industry
Golden Gate University
536 Mission Street
San Francisco, CA  94105-2968