Re: New Aircraft: what's cooking?

From:         Jean-Francois Mezei <MEZEI_JF@Eisner.DECUS.Org>
Date:         22 May 95 12:50:21 
Organization: Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
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>Granted, we might not need one *today* (on some routes we do), but what
>about ten or twenty years from now?  A recession is a short lived thing.
>So what if there is a recession?  Twenty years from now there won't be,
>and if we don't have a magabus airplane we'll all be stuck flying those
>old rustbucket 747-400s and A340s all over the place...

-Recessions come and go. There will be more of them.
-800 passenger planes might be able to use any runway, but lounges at gates
 might not be able to handle that capacity.
-customs processing might not be able to cope with an instant 800 pax arrival
 (or departure in many countries where e-migration is controlled).
-How long would it take to offload, prepare and load the plane ?
 With the current jetways design, it would take forever, and the plane
 would end up blocking a gate for lenghty periods.

So, while the plane might be technically and even financially feasable, I am
not sure that many airports would wish to make the costly changes to accomodate
them comfortably, especially if many of these planes must be accomodated at the
same time (which might be the case in cities such as Hong Kong where a lot of
trans-pacific flights arrive at about the same time)