From:         Jean-Francois Mezei <MEZEI_JF@Eisner.DECUS.Org>
Organization: Digital Equipment Computer Users Society
Date:         22 May 95 02:46:16 
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I have a few comments about this debate (and some questions too)

Some statistics were posted providing a list of flights where confusion
at the flight deck controls caused the crash. Since we are talking about
FBW systems, then those crashes that did not involve the 320 or 340 should
not be listed as they make Airbus look worse than it really is. (Eg: the
crash of a 300 or 310 should not be used in this discussion).

While it is easy to point to the number of problems with the 320 and how Boeing
will have avoided them by using a different philosophy for the 777, one should
also take into consideration the age of the 320 vs the age of the infant 777
and how Boeing benefitted from the pioneering efforts of Airbus is developping
the FBW systems for civilian aircrafts.

Now, I would be more interested in seing the evolution of Airbus's systems
between the 320 and the 340 since the 340 is closer to the 777 in terms of
development periods and more importantly, since Airbus also had a chance to
learn from the problems of its 320. (as did Boeing).

I am not familiar with the FBW systems, but the impression I get is that Airbus
chose visual systems (screens) to inform the pilots whereas Boeing prefered
the tactical systems (feedback on joystick). Is that the case ?