Re: Limitations of autoland systems

From: (Steve Cumming - Sun U.K.)
Organization: Sun Microsystems Inc., Mountain View, CA
Date:         19 Jan 95 22:18:57 
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> The conditions were really bad.  I had a great opportunity to view the
> runway, and the fog varied in thickness, so that sometimes I could
> quite clearly see aircraft on the runway, and sometimes couldn't even
> see the outer engine of the 747.  But I have a hard time translating
> these impressions into what ATC call acceptable.  I would be really
> grateful if any of the professional aviation people here could give
> more details on the categories of autoland, and the limitations that
> they have.

BA's 757 and 767's need 70m IRVR at touchdown. I don't know what their
mid-point and stop-end requirements are. I believe that their autoland
systems are certified to lower minima than 70m, it's BA's own operational
procedures that stipulate 70m, presumably so that the aircraft can
manoeuvre safely on the ground.

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