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In article <>, Karl Swartz <kls@ohare.Chicago.COM> wrote:

>>this is a result of the use of the IAE V2500 engines (the largest
>>and heaviest ever rear-mounted) ...

>Nit: the DC-10 and L-1011 both have a rear-mounted engine that is
>larger and heavier than a V2500!  Rather different location just the
>same, of course, and a very different sort of pylon ...

Brian, from somewhere in British Columbia, mentioned remembering
seeing a VC-10 testbed in the early 1970s with a very large engine
replacing the #1 and #2 engines.  This jogged a few grey cells and
I dug out my copy of Douglas J. Ingells' book on the L-1011.  Sure
enough, on page 187 there is a picture of a VC-10 with an RB.211
installed on the port pylon.  It's a rather odd installation, with
the engine located as if it were mounted as you'd expect, but there
is the stub of an L-1011 pylon sitting atop the engine nacelle.  The
picture is from the wrong angle to see how it's really attached.

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