Re: Airbus side stick

From: ("Clive Leyman")
Organization: Pucklechurch Consultants
Date:         17 May 95 17:25:53 
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In message 2339, Peter says
 > it is clearly safer to have two mechanically connected control columns
than two electronically connected side sticks>
Oh yeah! ever heard of mechanical jams?
> when both pilots move the side stick what input do you give the plane.
Answer why you average the signals of course!
Question: what happens if they move it in opposite directions? Answer
well then the average is zero isn't it! Question: So the plane does
nothing? Answer: Yes but don't worry there is a little button you can
push to override the other pilots input and take control...........I'd be
willing to bet the last 10 seconds of any A320 flight data recorder shows
them two little side stick buttons toggling like mad!>

How much do you want to bet?

What happens if each pilot tries to move the mechanical system in
opposite directions? Does the guy who used to play tight end get to fly
the airplane?