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Date:         17 May 95 01:06:31 
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Steve Lacker <> writes:

> Does anyone know how many>(if any) Connies are still flying out there?        a few of their
> I suppose a DC-7C would be about as rare as a Super Connie.

I believe there are currently four flying.

Save-a-Connie has an L1049 based at Kansas City two L749s are at
Avra Valley (Tucson), one in MATS colors and one which belongs to
a Dutch group a C121 was rescued from Davis-Monthan recently and
is on its way to Australia (may be there by now)

In addition there is an L1649 being restored in South Africa, and
two more are reputedly airworthy at Augusta Maine, but have not
flown for some time.The last commercial operations were in the
Dominican Republic but ceased when the FAA revoked US landing rights.

I think the 'Columbine' was a static restoration only at Pima MuseumAz.

There are a few DC-7s active mainly as water bombers, the only DC-7C I
know of operates sporadically from MIA.

   Any updates would be welcome.

    Brian  Maddison     (