Re: History question:

From: (John Liebson)
Organization: ISFSI
Date:         17 May 95 01:06:30 
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Steve Lacker <> wrote:

>Speaking of the beautiful Connies, is there any truth to a rumor I
>heard some time ago that one of President Eisenhower's 'Columbine'
>Constellations was going to be restored? (or was it that another airframe
>going to be made into a 'Columbine' replica) Does anyone know how many
>(if any) Connies are still flying out there? I know a few of their
>contemporaries (DC-6 and DC-7's) are still hauling freight in the Bahamas
>and third world. What about flyable Super Constellations? I shudder
>to think of the cost of keeping the Turbo-Compound Wrights running today,
>so I suppose a DC-7C would be about as rare as a Super Connie.

She was restored a few years ago, and lives in Santa Fe; last time I
was at the airport (quite a few months ago now), the "for sale" sign
was still on her, which was truly a weird sight! Columbine belongs to
a local and, I believe, a few non-local friends of his.

Several Connies still flying freight in the Carribean.