Re: MD-90?

From: (Thornton Shepherd)
Organization: BUMCH
Date:         17 May 95 01:06:29 
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Joe Diederichs <> wrote:
>I'm curious about the new MD-90. I understand it is extremely
>quiet.  What airlines are using it now?  Is Alaska buying any? (they
>fly a lot of MD-80's in and out of Sea-Tac).


I know that Delta has recently put the MD-90 into service.  That's
the only carrier so far.  You can check with Delta for the routes
that are served by this type.  McDonnell Douglas claims that the
aircraft is the quietest jet transport.  From what I have read,
this is a result of the use of the IAE V2500 engines (the largest
and heaviest ever rear-mounted), location of the powerplants and
some "innovative cowling design".  I am not sure how cowling design
affects noise output but it seems to have some effect.

By the way, I don't know if Alaska Airlines is buying any.