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Date:         17 May 95 01:06:28 
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The MD-90 did a lot of "autoland" testing at SEA-TAC airport
during much of last year ('94).  Alaska Airlines, although it was
one of the "launch" customers, it later converted all of its
MD-90 orders into MD-80s.  Delta Airlines is the only customer
currently flying MD-90s (four in service as of this date) with
more to follow.  Other airlines who have orders currently are
Japan Air Systems, SAS, and two leasing companies.

Yes, it is a VERY quiet airplane.  On tests out of Orange County
CA (one of the most noise-stringent in the world) we exceeded
Stage IV requirements.  The MD-90 is (by a long shot) the
quietest aircraft in its class.

Doug Moss
Douglas Aircraft Company
Flight Operations

Doug Moss